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How to choose children’s playground equipment?

How to choose children’s playground equipment?

How to choose children’s playground equipment?

For some of the most popular children’s playground equipment, or some of the newly introduced play equipment, managers should put these play equipment in a conspicuous place. This will increase the popularity of these amusement devices and will make new amusement devices more accessible to visitors.
2.Complementary function
Many children’s playground equipment of the same kind may have different functions. When placing children’s playground equipment, pay attention to the principle of complementarity between amusement equipment. You should try to put together the different functions of the rides, so that you can make the children come to the forefront. For example, educational playground equipment should be placed with sports playground equipment.
3.Size mosaic
At present, almost all children’s parks have children’s playground equipment of different sizes and models. When placing these amusement equipments, different types of rides should be placed in different positions. Many children’s indoor play equipment will have a large area, and if the operating area is small, they will not be able to accommodate it. And the equipment is small, the investment will not be too big, because small equipment, usually the price is relatively low. The reminder here is that a small operating area does not mean that you do not make money. There is no direct causal relationship between the two.

4.Combination innovation
The combination innovation consists of an internal combination of different amusement equipment items and a combination of different functional areas, which are combined to form a unified style. This combination needs to be based on the actual situation of the site, not only requires novelty, uniqueness, comfort, but also reasonable function and proper allocation of functional areas.
5. hot and cold alternate
In the general children’s playground, there will be relatively cold popular equipment in the relative sense. Do not put the popular equipment together when placing, so as to avoid a large number of customers concentrated in one place, resulting in channel congestion. The popular equipment of the cold door is replaced, which can disperse the crowd, improve the play rate of the unpopular equipment, and keep the passage clear, so as to prevent the children from causing physical damage when playing the amusement equipment because of excessive movement. The area of ​​the indoor children’s playground directly affects the configuration of children’s indoor play equipment.



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