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Eight precautions for children’s playground play!

Eight precautions for children’s playground play!

Eight precautions for children’s playground play!Do you know a few?

Indoor children’s playground is usually a place for children, especially on holidays, and you will see children at all ages gathering at all ages. Parents can be sure that their children are happy when they are having fun, but they should also be vigilant and observe their safety. So what should parents pay attention to?
1. Before entering the indoor children’s playground, you should carefully read the game description and choose according to the child’s age and height. Don’t let the children play the rides that are not suitable for their height and physique. The amusement facilities are based on height rather than age. Restrict, do not choose inappropriate play equipment for children.
2. In the process of playing, parents should always be at the child’s side, and carefully check the hygiene and safety of the equipment before the experience.
3. Because there are a lot of people in the field, and the ages are very different, it is better to let your children avoid it when playing. If your child is bigger and more naughty, be careful not to accidentally injure the surrounding. Children, avoiding disputes between parents.
4. When playing a slide game in the children’s playground, teach the child not to climb up from the slide. After sliding down, you should quickly leave the slide to avoid injury caused by the child sliding behind.

5. When playing a bumper car game, you should fasten your child’s seat belt, and you can’t make too strong collisions in the process, especially the frontal collision, taking into account the child’s ability to bear.

6. When playing a carousel ride, be sure to prevent too young children from falling, and don’t take it lightly because the carousel is slow.
7. Place a parental contact card on the child. The contact card writes the name of the baby and the parent, the home address, the contact number, and put it in the pocket of the baby’s clothes. If the baby is gone, let others find the parents as soon as possible; or bring the smart watch to the child. You can locate your baby’s location at any time.
8. Try to wear simple clothes for children, don’t wear clothes like hats, or long skirts, big swing skirts, and gauze skirts, which will increase the risk index. If the child is stepped on, slammed and falls, or the clothes are scraped and fall when going up and down the facility.



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