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Safety precautions in amusement park

Safety precautions in amusement park

Safety precautions in amusement park

Amusement events are always thrilling, exciting, and full of freshness; they are very attractive to tourists especially teenagers. However, with many accidents happened in outdoor playground, the safety problems attract more and more notice. So when we take part in outdoor playground activities, we should pay attention to some points as follows:

1、Read the passenger notes and warning signs carefully. Every playground has safety warning signs to tell you some important precautions and who are not allowed to ride.

2、Young children should be accompanied by parents and are not allowed to take the rides alone. Children under the age of 14 should not take the fierce and exciting playground rides such as roller coaster, pirate ships, space shuttles, and so on.

3、Don’t grab the ride before the ride is stopped. When you ride, fasten the seat belt. Check to see if it is safe and reliable. Please hold the safety handle or other safety device with your hands when you are running. The seat belt must not be unlocked.

4、It is dangerous to wear long coats or long scarves when take a racing car or kart.

5、When playing on water slides, it is strictly forbidden to stand, squat or head down on the slide; In the same slide, it is forbidden for two people to slide down at the same time; after entering the water, they should leave quickly to avoid collision.

6、If there is an unexpected situation during operation, don’t panic, turmoil, wait for the rescue of the playground staff.

In short, safety is first while playing in an outdoor playground.



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